PayiQ advances its Ticketing as a Service platform

PayiQ advances its Ticketing as a Service platform

Finnish fintech company releases new piloting environment, journey planner and more

Richard Humphreys |

Finnish fintech company PayiQ has advanced its Microsoft Azure based Ticketing as a Service platform with the launch of several new innovations including a new piloting environment, a journey planner and more.

The piloting environment allows the presentation of, and experimenting with, all features and functionalities of the Ticketing as a Service platform in practice. The environment includes everything from the management of products to the end users’ app and validation of tickets.

The administration portal of the system has been redesigned so that it is easier to use, facilitating the better management of products. Merchants can easily add and edit products, their prices and availability. All the changes are instantly available to end users via the PayiQ app.

Following requests from both Finnish and international customers, a journey planner has also been added to the app, which enables public transport routes and timetables to be found in the same app that is used for buying tickets. The app also now has a native map view, which includes integration with Google Maps and Apple Maps. This enables various map-based functionalities, such as ordering on-demand transport from predefined locations.

“Our product development has advanced tremendously during the past year,” said Tuomo Parjanen, PayiQ’s CEO. “Functionality and usability have been developed from the point of view of both merchants and the end users. We have gained significant support from international pilots and implementations on how to further adapt our technology. Our services are already in production in Russia and new possibilities are opening up especially in Southern Europe, Middle East and East Asia”


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