Porsche Holdings adopts Microsoft 365 and Teams

Porsche Holdings adopts Microsoft 365 and Teams
Automotive firm is using the tech to improve employee communication and collaboration

Elly Yates-Roberts |

Porsche Holding, the automotive firm which represents all Volkswagen Group brands, has adopted Microsoft 365 and Teams to improve employee communication and collaboration.

Microsoft 365 includes Microsoft Office 365, Windows 10 and Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Security. Porsche Holdings will use it to connect its employees which are located in dealerships, headquarters, warehouses and logistics centres all over the world. Using Microsoft Teams, staff can create a virtual meeting room, with the platform acting as the hub for meetings, chat and content sharing. They can also collaborate on projects, with real-time updates notifying users when changes have been made to a document.

“Even though we’re not always in the same location, we chat and co-author documents and use @mention to notify each other when a change has been made,” said Pinia Eder, chief information officer at Porsche Bank Group, in an article on Microsoft.com.  “This accelerates IT projects and saves time for everyone involved. Thanks to Microsoft 365 productivity tools, we’re able to decrease the time to market for our products.”

The solution’s translation capabilities are also removing linguistic barriers from the collaboration process, as well as improving the experience with external partners.

“Thanks to Teams, the capability to easily work with partners like HP Enterprise in highly secure digital environments is a real bonus for us,” said Peter Friedwagner, head of infrastructure at Porsche Informatik, the firm’s distribution, financing and systems development arm, in an article on Microsoft.com. “And it’s also true that providing a state-of-the-art workplace environment greatly supports innovations of developers who are working on our business and financial services systems.”

Microsoft 365 also addresses Porsche Informatik’s security priorities – identity, data and device protection – through the Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Security component in Office 365. As staff regularly work remotely, their work and personal devices must be secure to avoid unwanted sharing of data. Azure Multi-Factor Authentication and conditional access work with Microsoft’s workplace management solution Intune to automatically adjust security requirements depending on an employee’s device and environment.

 “The business value of Intune is that we’re increasing mobility for all sectors of our workforce in a very secure fashion,” says Friedwagner. “Since we brought these capabilities to Porsche Holding, the use of mobile apps has increased by 50%. Employees have the flexibility they require to increase the overall speed at which the company operates. And today, IT is seen as the group that’s driving modernisation and innovation at the company.”

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