Powershelf launches new RFID solution for eliminating retail out-of-stocks

Powershelf launches new RFID solution for eliminating retail out-of-stocks
Solution also uses blockchain and Microsoft technology to help retailers manage on-shelf inventory

Rebecca Gibson |

Digital retail solutions provider PowerShelf has developed a new solution that uses radio frequency identification (RFID) technology and blockchain software to help retailers better manage on-shelf inventory and eliminate out-of-stocks.

Integrated with solutions from Microsoft, the new Gen 2 RFID solution is coupled with proprietary supply chain software developed by Powershelf to help retailers significantly improve asset tracking, better manage inventory, and eliminate out-of-stocks.

“Out-of-stocks have frustrated shoppers, retailers and brands since the invention of the grocery store,” said John White, co-CEO of Powershelf. “Powershelf not only eliminates out-of-stocks, but also unlocks significant value throughout the supply chain. We are working with our data partners to harness that value by building a global network to track assets in real-time and bring an unprecedented level of transparency to the retail grocery industry.”

King’s Hawaiian, a bakery brand based in California, US, has piloted the solution for more than 12 months.

“We have tested Powershelf in stores for over a year and we are excited to bring this next-generation technology into more stores and larger retail customers,” said John Linehan, president of King’s Hawaiian. “We believe Powershelf’s blockchain, machine learning and Gen 2 RFID technology could virtually eliminate out-of-stocks in grocery stores, and we are excited to take the next step with Powershelf and its partners. That’s the holy grail for us: ensuring our customers get their King’s Hawaiian products when and where they want them.”

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