Qualcomm Technologies to showcase IoT technologies at NRF

Qualcomm Technologies to showcase IoT technologies at NRF
Qualcomm Technologies

Retailers will learn how the solutions can improve customer experiences and operational efficiencies

Elly Yates-Roberts |

Qualcomm Technologies will showcase its IoT technologies and how they can digitally transform retail environments and processes at Retail’s Big Show , which will be held in New York, USA, between 15 and 18 January 2022. 

During the event, Qualcomm will demonstrate how its solutions will help to reimagine the future of retail by enhancing customer experiences, empowering store associates and improving operational efficiencies. 

For example, it will show how its smart displays with biometric and artificial intelligence technology, smart shopping carts and personal shopping devices, and immersive multimedia displays can drive customer loyalty and engagement by streamlining checkout and payment processes. 

In addition, it will explain how retailers can increase operational efficiency by digitising workflow through service robots, handheld mobile computers and time-saving solutions, such as shelf-edge intelligence for automatic pricing and smart cameras.  

“Our solutions improve in-store experiences by bringing the best of ‘online’ to the offline world, reducing friction at each stage of the retail journey and providing inspiration and advice to consumers, ultimately enhancing their shopping experience,” said Qualcomm. “That could mean robots cleaning store floors, devices monitoring logistics or tracking assets, AR devices training store employees, next-gen biometric payment solutions, and digitised shelf labels enabling ‘endless aisles’ – all coming together to bring the intelligent connected edge to retail.”

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