Regatta moves Cegid Retail solution to the cloud

Regatta moves Cegid Retail solution to the cloud
UK retailer aims to free up staff time, reduce storage costs and and improve data security

Elly Yates-Roberts |

UK retailer Regatta has moved its Cegid Retail solution to the cloud. The new solution is allowing Regatta to free up time for IT staff members, reduce storage costs and improve data security by moving away from on-premises infrastructure. 

Having previously collaborated with Cegid to roll out its point of sale (POS) software at 170 of its locations, Regatta completed its migration to Cegid Cloud SAAS – the firm’s software-as-a-service (SaaS) cloud application – in March 2020. 

Cegid Retail software is now hosted in Cegid’s SaaS application, which has removed the need to rent server storage on-site. Cegid also manages the new infrastructure and handles all compliance activity, which has been vital as Regatta makes plans to enter new markets in different countries. 

“We recognised early on the need to run one solution for many international locations, rather than having to seek out a new POS system for each country we entered,” says Chris Bulmer, group IT director at Regatta. “With so many local currencies to deal with, tax rules and different configurations required location by location, it was essential for us to partner with a specialist retail software supplier who knows the clothing retail industry and has international reach and experience.

“Now with cloud hosting as well, we can build further agility into the business while taking the pressure off our internal teams who are busy with everyday retailing responsibilities.” 

The Cegid Retail solution has enabled Regatta to integrate replenishment, inventory management, promotions management and customer relationship management (CRM) into its enterprise resource management solution. The single, centralised platform has eliminated manual data processing, provided business-wide visibility into store inventory and CRM data, and streamlined the supply chain and promotional activity, with a view to prepare the business for a digital future. 

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