Reliance Infosystems and RackNap partner to drive cloud adoption

Reliance Infosystems and RackNap partner to drive cloud adoption
RackNap will enable the Microsoft partner to improve its customer experience

Elly Yates-Roberts |

Microsoft partner and IT firm Reliance Infosystems has partnered with cloud service provider (CSP) RackNap to drive Microsoft cloud adoption in Africa.

Through its billing and services provisioning automation platform RackNap will enable Reliance Infosystems to improve the customer experience. As a result, Reliance will be able to manage its Microsoft cloud services provisioning and billing on a unified platform, and bundle Azure Infrastructure managed services to their customers for better return on investment. 

“When the manual method of executing our billing and provisioning business processes started to take its toll on us, we knew we had to start searching for an automated and efficient alternative,” said Ijeoma Mbaneme, cloud solutions lead at Reliance. “RackNap was the solution to resolving the challenge. We can now focus more on helping our customers with the right cloud offerings for their business problems.”

While Reliance is currently working to promote cloud adoption in Nigeria, it plans to expand its efforts into other African countries soon. RackNap will play a key role in keeping operational costs low.

“We are delighted that Reliance has chosen RackNap to manage cloud service delivery and automate billing and back-end business operations,” said Sabarinathan Sampath, senior vice president at RackNap. “Our organisations share many values, including customer centricity, openness, transparency and innovation, which all help us on our mission to help CSP partners achieve more.”

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