Revolutionising document management with Formpipe

Revolutionising document management with Formpipe

Formpipe and DXC Technology implemented Lasernet at Midwich to eliminate manual processes

Elly Yates-Roberts |

Midwich develops commercial proposals in audiovisual, IT and document solutions for the hospitality, healthcare, retail, education, corporate, and public sectors. 

As part of its Microsoft Dynamics 365 implementation, Midwich began looking for a solution that could help to manage an array of output documents, including invoices, remittance advice, purchase orders, and customer account statements, across multiple legal entities and in various languages. By using Formpipe’s Lasernet output management solution, Midwich has revolutionised the way business documents are created to fulfil customer requirements.

The implementation was completed within nine months and has empowered Midwich to digitise outbound communications with customers, whilst helping to import data with ease and precision. 

Microsoft partner DXC Technology and Formpipe worked collaboratively with Midwich on solution deployment, configuration, and training, providing in-house skills to develop and amend documents. 

“The way business documents are communicated is vital to the success of the company,” says Mike Rogers, director of sales and marketing – private sector at Formpipe. “A business document can create and enhance corporate identity, but an organisation must adopt the right solution to be able to meet the challenges of changing formats, media, and enterprise resource planning systems.”

Midwich had a very specific output requirement for customer financial account statements, which needed to display the correct bank account details based on currency and customer order reference. This functionality requirement is not part of standard report capacity or underlying table structures. Midwich also previously generated labour-intensive and costly customised output documents.

DXC Technology recommended Lasernet as an economical solution to address Midwich’s business functionality challenges. 

The transition to Lasernet provided Midwich with a cost-effective solution to best represent its corporate identity in customer-facing documents. Lasernet also simplified the process of setting up specific formats for documents, enabling Midwich to bring development in-house, so documents can be designed and edited quickly and cost-effectively.

By adopting Lasernet, Midwich has completely transformed the way it communicates the brand in business documents. Lasernet’s intuitive drag-and-drop interface means that design changes can be implemented in just a few minutes. The solution’s multilingual capability also allows Midwich to repurpose templates with different overlays and languages, enabling roll-out to other legal entities in days, rather than weeks or months.

“The support from Lasernet and DXC has been very responsive and obliging,” said Stephen Power, head of project management for Midwich. “There are a few key members of the consulting team who are ex-AX consultants with a great experience of D365 who have helped us achieve a greater understanding of what can be done with Lasernet.”

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