RSA Conference 2023: stronger together

RSA Conference 2023: stronger together


Over 600 organisations will gather to present cybersecurity solutions and collaborate on threat elimination

Amber Hickman |

RSM Conference 2023 will take place from 24 – 27 April in San Francisco, California. The event will focus on cybersecurity with the theme ‘Stronger Together’, which aims to encourage teamwork in eliminating cyber threats. 

Over 600 organisations will gather to network and present solutions addressing the latest developments in security. 

Keynote speakers include Lisa Monco, the deputy attorney of the USA, as well as public speaker Poet Ali; Lesley Carhart, principle industrial incident responder at industrial cybersecurity provider Dragos; Dr Boaz Gelbord, chief security officer at Akamai; Rohit Ghai, chief executive officer at RSA Security; Vasu Jakkal, corporate vice president of Microsoft security business and more. 

“This year’s keynote programme sets the tone for the conference by drawing inspiration from the theme, Stronger Together,” said Linda Gray Martin, senior vice president of the RSA Conference. “The line-up includes vibrant personalities and creative thinkers who will share thought-provoking stories and innovative visions, all designed to spark important conversations that will make us think differently, bring us together and make us stronger as a community.” 

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