RV Technology launches cloud robotics platform on Azure

RV Technology launches cloud robotics platform on Azure

Microsoft Hong Kong

Rio Chau, RV Technology (left) with Kelvin Tse, Microsoft Hong Kong

Hong Kong firm demonstrates potential applications of ARCS platform, including product delivery and incident response

Amber Hickman |

RV Technology, a Hong Kong-based robotics developer, has launched an Agnostic Robotic Control System (ARCS) powered by Microsoft Azure cloud technology. 

ARCS is a platform that can manage and control different robots from multiple brands and is designed to improve the synergy of robots and systems.  

“Leveraging the ARCS’ centralised control system, we expect shorter lead times for programming and integration of different robots, alongside higher flexibility in synchronisation, bringing efficiency and convenience benefits to a wider spectrum in our everyday lives,” said Rio Chau, CEO of RV Technology. “We strive to create a more liveable and promising future and keep looking into comprehensive environmental solutions through systematic data mining in support of the city’s sustainable development.” 

During a press conference at the Hong Kong Science Park, RV Technology demonstrated the capabilities of the ARCS system with robots performing a series of collaborative tasks in three simulated scenarios.  

The first focused on retail, highlighting how when a store receives an online order, ARCS can obtain the data through the internet of things and deliver the product to the customer through a managed robot. 

The second showed how a patrol robot can detect mass gatherings in public spaces, then notify ARCS so it can coordinate a response to the event. It will send a concierge robot with a livestream camera so that users, such as public sector organisations, can understand a potential incident with minimal reaction time. 

The last scenario highlighted how ARCS can remotely control a wheelchair robot to help disabled people get to their destination safely. 

The cloud-based support will also help reduce costs and improve efficiency, with centralised management and data analysis. 

“Today, we are pleased to witness the launch of ARCS powered by Microsoft Azure,” said Kelvin Tse, director of global partner solutions at Microsoft Hong Kong. “By leveraging Azure’s scalability, RV Technology is empowered with the flexibility to scale up the size of its solution to address different business or social scenarios and create infinite possibilities. We see ARCS has the potential to elevate the quality of life for people in need; we look forward to continuing working with them and empowering society through technology.” 

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