Safeguarding patient data with Check Point Software and Microsoft Azure

Safeguarding patient data with Check Point Software and Microsoft Azure

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A US healthcare provider has combined solutions from the firms to protect against security threats 

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A large mental health care provider in the United States strives to provide high-quality, efficient and cost-effective mental health services across a region serving nearly five million people.  

Most of its employees work in the field, at six community service facilities and across a range of residential, intervention, law enforcement and school sites, so the organisation uses a large hybrid IT environment built on Microsoft Azure to ensure connectivity with county, clinical and third-party partners.  

The organisation’s patient data must be protected in compliance with the US Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act and other federal, state and local regulations.  

“Security is of paramount importance to us,” says a spokesperson for the healthcare provider. “We must protect our clients’ data, as well as the organisation’s reputation by ensuring we adhere to security policies and procedures.”  

The organisation was a Check Point Software Technologies client for on-premises firewalls, and as the threat landscape changed, it decided to expand its security footprint. Check Point Infinity XDR/XPR allowed the provider to manage all its security from a single platform, including securing its Azure environment. Check Point’s comprehensive cloud capabilities include threat prevention functionality and granular visibility it offers across the cloud application infrastructure. 

The solution enables the organisation to correlate events across endpoints, network, mobile, email and cloud environments. Powered by real-time Check Point Research, Check Point ThreatCloud AI, and other threat intelligence sources, Infinity XDR/XPR helps the team identify all types of attack and prioritise the most critical incidents to resolve. 

“With Infinity XDR/XPR, we have single-pane-of-glass visibility into everything,” says the spokesperson. “The threat detection and event correlation has proven to be highly accurate and allowed us to pick up threats we otherwise would not have seen.”  

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