ScaleOut Software launches new solution for data analysis

ScaleOut Software launches new solution for data analysis
Digital Twin Streaming Service on Microsoft Azure aids decision-making and insights

Elly Yates-Roberts |

Microsoft partner ScaleOut Software has launched a new solution designed to improve enterprise decision-making through real-time streaming data analysis and aggregated insights available on the Microsoft Azure cloud. 

The ScaleOut Digital Twin Streaming Service uses in-memory cloud computing to provide real-time analytics. The digital twins simultaneously analyse telemetry from thousands of streaming data sources, which the firm says will give customers a better view of their data, more quickly, highlighting that previous processes were much slower as users needed to first take their data from lakes or databases.

“Processing streaming data with real-time digital twins revolutionises streaming analytics by enabling deep introspection in real time and individualising it on the fly for each data source,” said William Bain, CEO of ScaleOut Software. “We built the ScaleOut Digital Twin Streaming Service to help our customers dramatically improve situational awareness in their live systems, spanning thousands or even millions of data sources. Whether tracking a fleet of rental cars or a population of smartwatch users, real-time digital twins are a game changer for streaming analytics.” 

The firm says the new solution could provide a range of benefits across many industries – including healthcare, logistics and e-commerce – as it can interpret data from a range of sources, generate alerts, respond to issues and personalise experiences based on customer preferences. 

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