ScaleOut Software unveils Azure Digital Twins integration for streaming service

ScaleOut Software unveils Azure Digital Twins integration for streaming service

Feature adds new capabilities in analytics, such as predictive maintenance and security  

Elly Yates-Roberts |

ScaleOut Software has unveiled new extensions that integrate ScaleOut Digital Twin Streaming Service with Microsoft’s Azure Digital Twins cloud service. The integration will add new real-time analytics capabilities, such as predictive maintenance, disaster recovery, security, smart cities, financial services and e-commerce.

With this integration, ScaleOut Software says that its real-time components can perform low-latency processing without needing Azure serverless functions. Application developers can create and run real-time components within an Azure digital twin. The ScaleOut Digital Twin Streaming Service can provide real-time data aggregation, continuous query and real-time visualisation for Azure digital twin properties. 

“We are excited to combine our in-memory computing technology with the popular Azure Digital Twins platform to deliver fast, scalable insights that help address real-time challenges across industries,” said William Bain, CEO and founder of ScaleOut Software. “By incorporating this technology, ScaleOut Software is enabling a new wave of applications for Azure Digital Twins, and we look forward to helping our customers take full advantage of this integration to meet their real-time monitoring and streaming analytics capabilities.”

According to ScaleOut Software, adding real-time components to Azure digital twin models creates new use cases for Azure Digital Twins, enhances situational awareness to enable personnel to quickly identify and address emerging issues, and simplifies application development.  

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