Scotland’s Rural College chooses Collabco’s myday for digital campus

Scotland’s Rural College chooses Collabco’s myday for digital campus
The Microsoft Azure cloud-based solution improves student engagement and lowers costs

Elly Yates-Roberts |

Scotland’s Rural College has chosen to use Collabco’s myday to create a digital campus. The Microsoft Azure cloud-based solution aims to improve student engagement and lower IT and admin costs. 

myday is a customisable dashboard that collects and displays information from disparate IT systems, which enables users to access information in an app-like experience on their device. 

“We’ve chosen to work with Collabco because we want to bring our students together in a more cohesive way,” said Jarlath Flynn, Business and SharePoint analyst at SRUC. “Delivering a digital campus means we can better connect them to the college and their peers, deliver the resources and support their needs around the clock and ultimately help them to feel much more engaged in their learning.” 

myday will immediately reduce the number of different logins that students require for college systems, enabling them to access everything via the new digital campus. This will reduce frustration. 

The solution will be implemented at SRUC’s three facilities across six campuses, supporting over 500 on-campus students. 

“There are so many ways that we hope to put myday to the test,” said Flynn. “It would be great if students can book resources – such as a seat in the library without having a 20-minute walk to the campus to find there are no seats left.”

We are also very keen to deliver a hub for student welfare, so that if students do feel isolated or are experiencing problems, they can get a uniformly reliable service on whichever campus they are based at the time. Speed and quality of response would be much improved.”

myday will deliver a uniform look and feel to SRUC, connecting students and delivering a way to communicate with them. 

“SRUC is the perfect institution to put myday through its paces because the system will instantly connect its rural campuses and the students together,” said Andrew Taylor, CEO of Collabco. “Student engagement is never more acute than when there are a number of campus environments spread out over a large geographic area - it instantly binds them together as one and ultimately makes them feel like they belong. I’m really looking forward to working with SRUC.”

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