Secured2 Corporation: the answer to the quantum threat

Secured2 Corporation: the answer to the quantum threat

Firm has developed the world’s first quantum-safe data security solution to protect encrypted systems  

Daren Klum |

Nobody ever expected our encrypted systems to reach the end of life.  

However, with the advent of quantum computing, we find ourselves in a crisis of epic proportions thanks to a new technology that threatens the encrypted systems that protect our nations. In the USA, the Biden administration recently released a memo declaring the immediate threat quantum computers pose to America and highlighting the need for the country to strengthen its quantum capabilities. There is no question that quantum computing poses a threat, and it is something we need to prepare against immediately across all business, government, and military sectors.  

As the market races to find new ways to augment or replace current encryption systems to overcome the quantum threat, Secured2 has developed the industry’s first vetted, tested, and viable quantum-safe data security solution. Developed to set a new security paradigm, Secured2 QuantaMorphic addresses the immediate need for quantum-safe protection. It protects data by running individual files through a multi-step binary file-level decentralisation algorithm that shrinks, shreds and secures data, then instantly restores shredded data segments once a user verifies their identity via any multifactor or biometric solution. QuantaMorphic security is the only data security solution available today that can ‘prove’ an organisation’s data is secure using a physical process to scramble and randomly separate and disperse it into physically separated storage locations.  

Most importantly, QuantaMorphic security is built into Microsoft Office365 email via the Particle Mail add-in, which ensures it can provide quantum-safe email today. We can also deliver QuantaMorphic as an application programming interface to enable it to be integrated with a customers’ applications to protect at-rest data. In addition, Secured2 has developed Toolkit, a platform of quantum-safe applications that can be deployed anywhere to provide secure cloud storage, file sharing, and collaboration.  

The entire solution is backed by a Lloyds of London cyber warranty that indemnifies businesses against a cyber breach, significantly minimising their risk profile.  

Daren Klum is CEO of Secured2 Corporation

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