Sideways 6 launches new employee ideas app for Microsoft Teams

Sideways 6 launches new employee ideas app for Microsoft Teams

Tool helps businesses collect ideas on specific challenges, within the Teams platform

Elly Yates-Roberts |

Software developer Sideways 6 has launched a new employee ideas app for Microsoft Teams. Ideas by Sideways 6 enables businesses to collect ideas on specific challenges, all within the collaboration platform. 

Sideways 6 says that this integration “removes the friction faced by traditional idea management solutions”, boosting engagement and enabling employees to work together on tools with which they are familiar. 

“The Sideways 6 platform’s ability to integrate with existing communication and collaboration tools is a huge part of our success,” said Will Read, CEO of Sideways 6. “With the meteoric rise of Microsoft Teams, it was a no-brainer to make it a priority for us in 2021 and beyond. We’re incredibly excited that the app has created a native and clear way for organisations to collect ideas and drive innovation through Teams. We are excited to see how customers can leverage the power of Teams and Sideways 6 to bring employee ideas to life.” 

The new app, which is now available on Microsoft AppSource and the Teams app catalogue, provides effective management of vast amounts of data. With some customers collecting thousands of ideas each month, Sideways 6 says that the tool “takes those ideas from Teams and creates an actionable pipeline of innovation, allowing businesses to reduce costs, launch new products, improve safety, accelerate innovation and improve the customer experience”. 

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