SmartCharge helps improve the efficiency of charging electric cars

SmartCharge helps improve the efficiency of charging electric cars
Meshcrafts is harnessing Microsoft Azure to increase security and scalability of its platform

Elly Yates-Roberts |

E-mobility software provider Meshcrafts is using Microsoft Azure to increase the security and scalability of its SmartCharge electric vehicle (EV) charging solution.

The SmartCharge platform supports the charging of EVs and enables total control and automation of a charging infrastructure via its SmartCharge Dashboard.

The system increases the opportunities for operators to capitalise on their investment, with a dynamic pricing strategy depending on person, power and time. All these factors can be controlled online via interfaces and apps by private costumers and operators.

“Most trips in urban areas are under 5km and the average daily covered mileage in most countries are less than 100km, while new EVs have a range of 150-500km,” said Anja Westlye, marketing manager at Meshcrafts. “The average car is idle 90-95% of the day and can easily recharge in this time on a normal home charger. This means that most of the daily trips to and from work, shopping, dropping the kids off can be covered with an electric car. With the new models being introduced, longer stretches can also easily be covered.”

Westlye says that in the near future, energy from EVs will be able to be extracted and used to help power buildings for example, and that Meshcrafts’ solution can support these efforts.

“This will become an even stronger incentive when connected EVs can be used as energy storage and deliver energy back to a building at peak hours, while still being sufficiently charged thanks to intelligent management systems like SmartCharge,” she says.

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