Smith’s Wood Academy in Birmingham turns to 3 Step IT

Smith’s Wood Academy in Birmingham turns to 3 Step IT

3 Step IT has helped the UK school to save money and improve IT studies

Rebecca Gibson |

This article first appeared in the Summer 2017 issue of The Record.

Smith’s Wood Academy in Birmingham, UK offers an extensive IT curriculum for students in Years 7 to 13 (age 11 to 18). By Year 10 (age 14-15), students are starting to work with programming frameworks like HTML, Python and Javascript. By Year 13, students can be doing up to eight hours of IT studies per week.

Schools with an IT syllabus as robust as the one at Smith’s Wood must ensure that their students have modern equipment that works as it should. However, schools don’t always need to buy the latest models. Budgets may be tight and they may not want depreciating IT assets on their books. Often, it makes more sense to acquire good-value, reconditioned, used devices from a reliable supplier. 

This is exactly what Smith’s Wood chose to do when it sourced desktops, laptops and monitors from IT lifecycle services organisation 3 Step IT. The company refurbishes IT devices when they are returned at the end of their first life, and then sells them for a second life (see more on page 37).

“3 Step IT is our go-to provider when scoping new projects because its refurbished equipment allows us to keep in budget while using modern technology,” says Stephen Hardy, Smith’s Wood IT network manager. “All equipment arrives in an as-new condition, with added peace of mind from extended warranties, and always fully functioning. The staff are also extremely keen and helpful, with excellent product knowledge.”

Peace of mind is always a priority when it comes to IT equipment, particularly for used products. The new user needs to know that it’s been properly refurbished, that the previous user’s data has been completely erased, and that everything is working correctly.

This is one reason that Polish IT reseller Universal Company has been selling used IT devices from 3 Step IT to individual consumers and small to medium-sized enterprises in Poland since 2012. The IT market is growing rapidly, and  good-value used equipment allows companies with big ambitions, but small budgets, to invest. 

“3 Step IT always supplies products of a very high quality,” says Mariusz Calinski, CEO of Universal Company. “The goods are clean and packed well, the order is always correct, and delivery takes place very fast.” 

3 Step IT’s sustainable refurbishment approach and ISO certification are also important factors. “Environmental considerations are very important in Poland,” explains Calinski. “Companies operating in this area of recycling need to have all the necessary permits from the Polish environmental inspector.” 


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