Solgari helps manufacturers reach customers however they prefer

Solgari helps manufacturers reach customers however they prefer

Chief technology officer Vance Harris tells us more about the new all-channel communication landscape 

Elly Yates-Roberts |

What is the opportunity of automation in all-channel communications for manufacturers?
It comes down to changing customer demands. Customers have become used to communicating digitally across channels such as video, voice, SMS, WhatsApp and chat, and being able to self-serve across those channels. For manufacturers, meeting that changing customer demand and being able to serve customers in the way they want to be reached is a powerful opportunity.

How does Solgari deliver these opportunities?
The technology stack that powers our Dynamics 365 All-Channel Communication solution includes Solgari Automate. It enables seamless product orders and delivery updates via SMS, automated voice or third-party channels; streamlines sales processes by allowing customers to place orders over channels convenient to them; powers automated outbound communications such as feedback surveys, billing reminders, and renewal prompts; and facilitates payment processing.  

Why are self-service and all-channel communications important to manufacturing customers today?
Customers demand joined-up customer service experiences across channels. They want the insight or detail from a chat last week available to the agent they’re speaking with over the phone today. Solgari integrates with Dynamics 365 CRM. Our all-channel user interface, Solgari Converse, sits alongside the Dynamics 365 app which ensures that agents have the detail and insight they need to provide effective, contextual resolutions to inbound enquiries.  

Do you have any thoughts or expectations on how this might change in the coming years?
New communication channels are always coming online, and we’ve built the Solgari platform to anticipate this. I expect the continued focus to remain on experience – both for the customer and the agents who communicate with them.  

With this in mind, do you have any plans for how you might address these changing customer expectations?
We are constantly working on refining and improving our core product set, both in response to customer demand and to stay ahead of the curve in terms of customer experience. We continue to realise the benefits of automation on our customers’ behalf, and recently announced integration with WhatsApp, which lays a route towards future integrations with other Facebook communication products. We’re also working in partnership with Microsoft to develop an effective Teams and Solgari solution, which would bring a new paradigm in customer service, co­­llaboration and remote working effectiveness. 

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