Sony and Microsoft partner for smart camera platform

Sony and Microsoft partner for smart camera platform
New offering could improve video analytics and business intelligence for enterprises

Elly Yates-Roberts |

Microsoft and Sony Semiconductor Solutions have partnered to create smart camera and video analytics solutions for enterprise customers. 

The new offering – which combines Microsoft Azure artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities with Sony’s intelligent vision sensor IMX500 – extracts useful information out of images in smart cameras and other devices, to improve business intelligence. 

“Video analytics and smart cameras can drive better business insights and outcomes across a wide range of scenarios for businesses,” said Takeshi Numoto, corporate vice president at Microsoft. “Through this partnership, we’re combining Microsoft’s expertise in providing trusted, enterprise-grade AI and analytics solutions with Sony’s established leadership in the imaging sensors market to help uncover new opportunities for our mutual customers and partners.”

As part of the partnership, Sony will create a smart camera managed application powered by Azure Internet of Things and Cognitive Services alongside the IMX500 sensor to expand the video analytics opportunities for enterprise customers. For example, retailers can use smart cameras to detect when shelves need refilling, or to better understand the optimal number of checkouts according to queue length, while manufacturers may analyse these video streams to identify hazards on the factory floor. 

“By linking Sony’s innovative imaging and sensing technology with Microsoft’s excellent cloud AI services, we will deliver a powerful and convenient platform to the smart camera market,” said Terushi Shimizu, representative director of Sony Semiconductor Solutions. “Through this platform, we hope to support the creativity of our partners and contribute to overcoming challenges in various industries.”

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