Sophia Genetics and Microsoft accelerate health data analysis

Sophia Genetics and Microsoft accelerate health data analysis

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SOPHiA DDM Platform uses Microsoft Azure to create new opportunities in precision medicine

Elly Yates-Roberts |

Healthcare software company Sophia Genetics has partnered with Microsoft to accelerate health data analysis, improve healthcare workflows and create new opportunities in precision medicine.

The firm’s SOPHiA DDM Platform is built on Microsoft Azure and through it, Sophia Genetics hopes to elevate the standard of care for patients. The platform enables data-driven medicine by connecting institutions that leverage diverse multimodal data sets. This data can be complex to structure, analyse and archive, so the new partnership with Microsoft will focus on using the Azure cloud and Sophia Genetics’ artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) expertise to accelerate results, improve performance and ultimately enhance medical research. 

“With Microsoft's scale and the power of the SOPHiA DDM Platform, this partnership will help improve clinical outcomes and make patient care more efficient and personalized,” said Jurgi Camblong, CEO of Sophia Genetics. “Sophia Genetics will help accelerate the transition to a decentralised care model for hospitals, healthcare providers and biopharma by breaking down data silos and delivering innovation at scale.”

As part of the new partnership, healthcare providers using Azure can now further their ability to aggregate multimodal data and extract insights within existing workflows. 

“Sophia Genetics’ mission is to democratise data-driven medicine,” said Dr David Rhew, global chief medical officer at Microsoft. “Microsoft is pleased to support this mission by providing secure and scalable cloud infrastructure, alongside Sophia Genetics’ advanced AI and ML tools and technologies that can help generate actionable insights, which can lead to better health outcomes.”  

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