Study finds significant gap between digital strategy and execution

Study finds significant gap between digital strategy and execution

New research from Acquia finds that many companies are not delivering on their digital ambitions 

Richard Humphreys |

New research from Acquia has found that the gap between digital strategy and execution is proving to be a significant barrier to success.

Titled ‘Beyond the Hype’, the Acquia report finds that, at a strategic level, digital is in fact given the prominence it deserves. More than 80% of respondents claim digital is integral to their organisations’ operations and performance. Some 83% believe their strategy is fit for purpose and 81% have made digital part of the overall business strategy. Better still, more than three-quarters are adopting a continuous improvement mind set, regularly gaining feedback from external stakeholders and customers on how they can improve.

However, while there is a high degree of confidence at the strategic level, this confidence is not mirrored when it comes to execution. The research finds that, once the strategy enters the real world, there are numerous barriers to delivering on the ambition – and this is blocking success.

“What we’re seeing here is consistent with the reports I get from analysts and consultants such as Forrester and McKinsey, as well as the likes of Accenture and KPMG. The fact is that as much as many organisations accept the importance of digital on a theoretical level, all too many then lag badly behind when it comes to taking action to make it a reality for their businesses,” explains Lyndon Hedderly, director of digital strategy at Acquia.

Whether this is down to a lack of internal support, things taking longer than expected, or the sheer complexity of operating in a multi-everything environment, these barriers risk limiting the performance of businesses in an ever more digital world. According to the report, “each of these factors highlights that planning alone is not enough. Companies must ensure that the systems are in place to deliver real-world results. Because the reality is that without this tangible evidence of success, management will lose confidence. And even more importantly, the business will lose customers.”

Download a copy of the report here

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