Supply chain managers must invest in AI, ML and IoT, find Frost & Sullivan

Supply chain managers must invest in AI, ML and IoT, find Frost & Sullivan

New e-book highlights how these digital technologies can help to improve the manufacturing process

Amber Hickman |

Overcoming today’s supply chain challenges requires managers to shift from a predominantly operational role to a strategic and technology-oriented mindset, according to a new e-book published by consultancy firm Frost & Sullivan.

Supply Chain Mastermind: Unleash your alter ego outlines the benefits of using technologies such as the internet of things, artificial intelligence and machine learning to improve every aspect of a supply chain, including warehouse management, employee well-being and environmental, social and governance compliance.

With Allied Market Research predicting that the supply chain software market will grow to $32 billion by 2026, the e-book suggests that there is no better time than now to begin the transformation process.

To do this, Frost & Sullivan recommend that manufacturing firms assess the strengths and weaknesses of their supply chain, developing an internal team of collaborators and prioritise the right skills, tools and technologies.

The e-book highlights manufacturing solutions provider Augury as an example of a firm that can aid businesses with these changes through its purpose-built AI and machine optimisation technology.

Read the full Supply Chain Mastermind e-book.

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