Tata Communications and Microsoft drive connected car development

Tata Communications and Microsoft drive connected car development
Joint efforts will help manufacturers to create solutions faster and more cost-effectively

Elly Yates-Roberts |

Tata Communications and Microsoft are partnering to help speed up the development of new innovative connected car applications. 

The joint efforts will result in a solution that combines the internet of things connectivity and network intelligence capabilities of Tata Communications’ MOVE solution with the cloud services that are part of Microsoft’s Connected Vehicle Platform. 

This will enable manufacturers to create an enhanced driving experience and will help all members of the connected car ecosystem to create solutions faster and more cost-effectively.  

“Connectivity through the Tata Communications MOVE platform, together with the Microsoft Connected Vehicle Platform’s secure and compliant cloud platform, ensures the security and integrity of data across a range of scenarios, including predictive maintenance, remote monitoring and control, and advanced navigation,” said Tara Prakriya, general manager of the Microsoft Connected Vehicle Platform. “The integration will make analysing data from vehicles easier for car manufacturers across all services and allow them to complete software updates quickly.” 

According to Tata Communications, the firms will equip vehicles with “encrypted vehicle-to-cloud connectivity” to address challenges such as the data security of in-vehicle systems and connecting them across country borders. 

“To unleash the full potential of V2X applications, businesses in the connected car ecosystem must be able to capture, move and manage gigabytes of vehicle data securely and seamlessly across the globe,” said Tim Sherwood, Vice President, Mobility and IoT, Tata Communications. “That’s what our latest collaboration with Microsoft is all about – we want to turn that future potential into reality and pave the way for new disruptive connected car services.”

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