Teamwork makes the business dream work

Teamwork makes the business dream work

Marjorie Martinez reveals why Orbus Software launched its new partner programme in 2022

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Building on the lessons learned in recent years, Orbus Software launched a partner programme in 2022 to create a knowledge-sharing platform that would provide new opportunities to technology and software companies. Marjorie Martinez, head of global partnerships at Orbus Software, tells us more.  

Congratulations on the launch of the new partner programme. Can you share why now was the right time for Orbus Software to do this?  
Orbus has been in the market for more than 15 years and we’ve experienced tremendous growth with our new software-as-a-service offering over the past few years. In order to continue driving this growth, we needed help from our partners.  

How has your extensive experience in enterprise businesses helped you to create the new partner programme?
I’ve been running partner organisations for more than 20 years in large enterprise software companies and start-ups, where partners played an important role in driving business growth and market reach. During this time, I’ve collaborated with technology partners to build integrations that provide value to customers. And I’ve worked with large and small consulting companies that help scale products into large enterprise accounts. I’ve taken what I’ve learned from all this and used the best practices in this new partner programme, but I’ve tried to keep it simple – we don’t want to reinvent the wheel.  

What are the highlights of the programme? 
The programme covers all types of resellers, service providers and technology partners. We built a co-sell model to enable participating companies to resell or refer business to Orbus. We also have a three-tier system based on accounting rate of return revenue – as partners hit their targets, they earn referral fees. We also provide sales, technical and advanced certification training. This is extremely important as partners need to understand our products and messaging as extensions of Orbus. 

Partnerships are frequently discussed and explored within the technology industry, but what benefits do they offer for those involved?  
Partnerships are key for multiple things, including helping organisations to scale quickly, reach new markets and collaborate with businesses in other geographies. It’s been proven that partnerships are crucial in scaling a software business. 

Orbus Software has a close alliance with Microsoft. How is the firm involved in your new partner programme, and where do you see the greatest value from your relationship?
Orbus integrates seamlessly with Microsoft technology, particularly with Azure, SharePoint and Power BI. As we grow our footprint in the market, we grow Microsoft’s footprint. We look forward to continuing this fruitful partnership and are excited to see what the future holds for us both.  

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