TEC Eurolab doubles productivity with Cohesity and HPE solution

TEC Eurolab doubles productivity with Cohesity and HPE solution
Data management service offers enhanced data security and resiliency features

Elly Yates-Roberts |

Manufacturing lab testing firm TEC Eurolab has doubled productivity levels and increased revenue by using a joint data management solution from Cohesity and HPE. 

The company has used the solution’s intelligent file share services and enhanced data security and resiliency features to more effectively serve customers across the manufacturing industry. 

“The centre can now double the number of analyses it performs each week and is able to deliver results to our customers faster with no performance bottlenecks,” said Marco Moscatti, board member and production director at TEC Eurolab.

TEC Eurolab can now aggregate data from acquisition, 3D reconstruction, and analysis on a Cohesity file share, powered by Cohesity SmartFiles. This has resulted in more efficient document sharing and faster recovery, all from a single user interface.

“We have reduced staff operational time by 30% and significantly improved data resiliency with Cohesity,” said Moscatti. “Best of all, we have doubled our production capacity and are able to meet customer service-level agreements without compromising security and compliance, which contributed in part to an increase in revenues. We are now looking to further maximise these benefits across the organisation by expanding Cohesity to other use cases such as integrated back-up, recovery, and analytics.” 

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