Testing for success: delivering better training via the cloud

Testing for success: delivering better training via the cloud

Joachim Schiermacher shares how ClickLearn is helping its customers assess cloud-based applications

Elly Yates-Roberts |

Having witnessed the dramatic changes in business evolution over the past few years, Joachim Schiermacher, CEO of e-learning software provider ClickLearn, tells us how the firm is enabling customers to use its technology and their own documentation in new ways.  

ClickLearn is well-known for delivering a digital adoption solutions and training for business applications. What has the company been working on lately?
From a high-level perspective, ClickLearn is focused on enabling digital transformation for enterprises. We deliver technology for end-user training and adoption of software, and I am excited to see that there are now more than 300,000 professionals working with our digital adoption solution for Microsoft Dynamics 365.  

Recently, we extended our technology to take the pain out of testing cloud-based applications before downloading updates. And the fascinating thing is that we can use the processes created for training purposes in automating tests on any cloud-based application. 

Most IT departments test software releases before bringing them into their live environments. Why do businesses need automation?
That used to be true because it was manageable to test a few critical business systems manually. However, with cloud-based applications on the rise, manually testing applications is becoming more difficult. Most IT departments are not seriously testing releases from their software vendors before making them live because the number of applications deployed in our IT landscapes is surging. If you combine that with a higher frequency of vendor releases, testing applications manually becomes a completely unmanageable task. 

The composable enterprise, with its best-of-breed, out-of-the-box packaged business capabilities has been a fantastic vehicle for driving faster digital transformation. On the flip side, we are putting our organisations at risk because we do not have adequate resources for testing. Our proposition is simple: we enable even small IT departments to deliver a fully automated test on all releases of all applications. 

There are a few enterprise-testing applications on the market. What makes ClickLearn’s offering different?
We reuse all the process documentation that a business creates when onboarding a user and updates the training material automatically with each new vendor release. To my knowledge, we are the only one in the market capable of this.  

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