The Winter 2023 issue of Technology Record is out now!

The Winter 2023 issue of Technology Record is out now!

We explore how organisations can integrate new technology responsibly whilst driving digital transformation, and how AI and the cloud are continuing to have an impact in every industry 

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The Winter 2023 issue of Technology Record is out now and available to view free of charge in digital format.  

Innovations in technology are continuing to drive economic growth across the globe, with data analytics, artificial intelligence, the cloud and more helping organisations that are looking for new ways to unlock innovation. However, it is important for these organisations to remain vigilant. 

In this issue’s cover story, Microsoft’s Kathleen Mitford and Satish Thomas discuss how the Microsoft Cloud for Sovereignty is helping organisations to accelerate digital transformation whilst prioritising compliance and data security

Security is a key focus for this issue, and Microsoft’s Maria Thomson shares how members of the Microsoft Intelligent Security Association are protecting organisations from security threats in our MISA focus. Meanwhile, Microsoft’s Kirk Arthur explains why technologies such as AI are key to helping government organisations win the cyber war in our Public Sector feature

MISA feature

This issue also outlines how different Microsoft technologies and initiatives are supporting organisations looking to drive digital innovation. In our interview with Microsoft’s Sally Ann Frank, she shares how the Microsoft for Startups programme offers guidance for organisations in the health and life sciences industries. Meanwhile, in our Retail & Consumer Goods feature, Microsoft’s Shanthi Rajagopalan discusses how generative AI solutions are helping retail organisations improve both supply chain operations and customer service

In the Industrials & Manufacturing feature, Microsoft’s Simon Floyd explains how digital twins and AI is helping manufacturers to reduce waste and improve safety

Media feature

We also have our usual selection of news, case studies and thought leadership focusing on prominent topics across all industries. We hope you enjoy the read.  

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