Toyota improves operations with Microsoft HoloLens

Toyota improves operations with Microsoft HoloLens
Mixed reality technology is simplifying paint inspections and ensuring employee safety

Elly Yates-Roberts |

Toyota is using Microsoft’s HoloLens to streamline operations, improve quality and solve problems. The mixed reality (MR) technology is simplifying the inspection of paint thickness and the installation of factory equipment, as well as ensuring employee safety. 

In the past, it took two workers an entire day to check the thickness of coating film on each vehicle. However, using the new Microsoft HoloLens, one person can complete the task in just two hours. 

Koichi Kayano, a project manager at Toyota, and his team have used the technology to design an app to increase productivity and free up their time for more meaningful tasks. Using Microsoft HoloLens, a digital array of dots is projected directly onto a real car. Workers can then use the headsets to scan and inspect a car’s painted surface quickly and easily. 

“I was astounded because it lets us do the things we had never done before,” said Kayano. 

Toyota is also using the technology to visualise how machinery can be installed and arranged on the factory floor. The headset teamed with MR business application Dynamics 365 Layout enables users to arrange full-size models in real space, without physically moving the equipment. 

“You can check if the machine can be brought in or removed, and see if the location is near a pillar, or too close to other machines,” said Kayano. “These and other checks are made possible, which is a real advantage with Microsoft HoloLens.”

In addition, Microsoft HoloLens is improving the safety of employees. When used in combination with Dynamics 365 Remote Assist, Kayano can remotely assess potential safety hazards from the perspective of those on site.

“We are confident that Microsoft HoloLens will dramatically change the way we work,” said Kayano. 


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