Trusted Data Solutions partners with Cornerstone Technologies

Trusted Data Solutions partners with Cornerstone Technologies
Collaboration aims to accelerate data migration capabilities and growth for clients

Elly Yates-Roberts |

Legacy data management firm Trusted Data Solutions (TDS) has partnered with engineering services and product resale organisation Cornerstone Technologies. The partnership aims to accelerate data migration capabilities and growth, offering clients a trusted and efficient path for their legacy email and data.

Cornerstone Technologies is a Sonasoft company based in Silicon Valley that focuses on gathering and analysing data for intelligent decision making. According to Frank Velasquez, CEO of Sonasoft and Cornerstone, there has been an increasing demand for data archiving and migrations in mid-sized and large organisations. 

“TDS’s impressive legacy data management experience is a perfect fit for our next step – providing TDS’s suite of email archive migration technology and tape restoration services to our customers,” said Velasquez. “We are increasing our capability to support even larger scale projects, while still maintaining the same level of security, defensibility and compliance.”

We also see this as an opportunity to show the value of our open archiving platform and e-discovery software solution.”

Cornerstone Technologies plays a pivotal role in transforming IT environments, providing data migration, e-discovery and other services to help clients in all industries progress their technologies. 

“Cornerstone Technologies has established a notable footprint with its engineering and consulting solutions over the past decade,” said Marcella Arthur, vice president of marketing and channel operations at TDS. “We are excited to be joining forces and creating even bigger ripples in the space.” 

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