UK university partners with Microsoft to launch new cloud computing course

UK university partners with Microsoft to launch new cloud computing course

Programme at University of Lincoln prepares students with skills for a career in the digital workplace

Elly Yates-Roberts |

The University of Lincoln in the UK has partnered with Microsoft to launch a first-of-its-kind cloud computing course to help give students the skills they need for a career in the digital workplace.

The MSc cloud computing course will prepare graduates for professional roles such as cloud developers, solution architects and data specialists.

The one-year programme (which can also be completed over two years on a part-time basis) is the first to offer MSc students the opportunity to evidence their technical skills through the attainment of industry-recognised Microsoft certifications.

“The MSc in cloud computing is an exciting and innovative programme designed to equip graduates with the skills they need to succeed in their chosen cloud career,” said Dr Derek Foster, programme leader and associate professor in the school of computer science at the University of Lincoln. “The course combines the broad concepts of cloud computing, such as compute, storage and networking, with the opportunity to develop practical skills around cloud architectural design, deployment and development. Students will learn how to create and deploy cutting-edge cloud technologies, equipping them to take on roles such as cloud data engineers and cloud administrators.”

Huxley Kendell, who will be one of the first students on the course, said: “An MSc in cloud computing is an exciting and genuine opportunity to not only understand what the next era of computer science will be, but also to be at the frontline getting hands-on experience.”

Elastacloud, a cloud architecture and data specialist company, is working with the university. CEO Richard Conway said: “We’re proud to be collaborating in partnership with the University of Lincoln to support the development of a highly skilled cloud graduate pipeline as part of our graduate recruitment programme. Lincoln’s cloud computing programme is enabling students to develop themselves to begin a career in the fast-growing cloud computing sector.”

Chris Rothwell, director of education at Microsoft, said: “The UK urgently needs more people with the right digital skills to help businesses unlock the power of technology and help them thrive. The MSc cloud computing master’s course at the University of Lincoln contains the perfect blend of practical and lecture-based learning to give students the necessary skills to launch their careers. Plus, the inclusion of industry-recognised Microsoft certifications, such as Azure Data Fundamentals and Azure Administrator, allows students to showcase their knowledge to potential employers.”

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