UNFCCC partners with Microsoft to use AI for tracking global carbon emissions

UNFCCC partners with Microsoft to use AI for tracking global carbon emissions

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The United Nations division will have access to an AI-powered platform and global climate data hub that will help it track global emission reduction

Amber Hickman |

Microsoft has partnered with the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), the division of the United Nations tasked with focusing on the threat of climate change, to help build a new artificial intelligence-powered platform and global climate data hub that will measure and analyse global progress in reducing emissions.

The platform will help the UNFCCC to validate and examine climate data submitted by the countries that are a part of the Paris Agreement.

“The Paris Agreement provides the framework for all the world’s nations to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in line with limiting global warming to 1.5 degrees,” said Simon Stiell, UNFCCC executive secretary. “Climate change is a global emergency that goes beyond borders. It will require technology for adaptation and mitigation. We are happy to work with Microsoft in this effort.”

The UNFCCC will be able to track various sources of carbon emissions using the platform, including transportation, agriculture and industrial processes. The group and its members will also have access to tools that will help simulate carbon reduction strategies, which will reduce time and money.

“The world must move faster to reduce carbon emissions,” said Brad Smith, vice chair and president of Microsoft. “Simply put, you can’t fix what you can’t measure, and these new AI and data tools will allow nations to measure emissions far better than they can today.”

Microsoft and the UNFCCC will also be hosting a series of events focused on climate change at COP28, which is taking place from 30 November-12 December 2023 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

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