Unilever becomes cloud-only enterprise following migration to Azure

Unilever becomes cloud-only enterprise following migration to Azure


Accenture and Microsoft complete project for consumer goods business in 18 months

Amber Hickman |

Consumer goods business Unilever has completed a migration to Microsoft Azure. 

Accenture and Microsoft, as well as their joint venture Avanade, worked with the firm on the 18-month project to complete its transformation into a cloud-only enterprise, with minimum disruption to business for its 400-plus brands. 

By using Microsoft Azure as its primary cloud platform, Unilever aims to accelerate product launches, enhance customer service, improve efficiency and achieve sustainability goals. 

According to a Microsoft blog, the firms have set “a new benchmark for cloud transformation” in consumer goods, including: unlocking new innovation opportunities, accelerating the ability to identify trends and make decisions faster, embracing the latest in AI to drive better experiences, and reducing its carbon footprint. 

“Unilever is a truly data-powered organisation,” said Steve McCrystal, chief enterprise and technology officer at Unilever. “We’re using advanced analytics to make better-informed decisions quicker than ever before. Working with Accenture and Microsoft on this global transformation project, we can respond to ever-changing consumer needs faster, allocate our resources more effectively to focus on what drives growth, and bring services and products to the market faster.” 

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