Unilever deploys Microsoft Viva for better work-life balance

Unilever deploys Microsoft Viva for better work-life balance

Firm can use the platform to understand how work patterns affect employee well-being

Elly Yates-Roberts |

Unilever has deployed the new Microsoft Viva platform to help employees improve their work-life balance using data and insights. 

By using Microsoft Viva in conjunction with employee surveys, the group, which is responsible for brands including Dove and Lipton, was able to understand how staff were working from home, and how to address any problems they might have.

Microsoft says that Unilever “adopted Microsoft Viva to provide individuals, managers and leaders with data-driven, privacy-protected visibility into how work patterns affect employee well-being and productivity”.

“We found that those who had a specific break in time – turned off, switched off and did something else – they felt much happier about their well-being than those people who were always on,” said Nicky Clement, a vice president in the group’s human resources function, in a video about the new platform

Microsoft Viva insights can help users identify potential periods of focus time, for example by informing them of upcoming busy periods. 

“Giving yourself personal time back is absolutely critical,” said Clement. “I have seen this insight propagate down through the whole organisation. Taking the insight and turning it into action becomes really easy.”

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