Using BlueJeans for better virtual collaboration

Using BlueJeans for better virtual collaboration
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Solutions like BlueJeans can help firms overcome obstacles and bring staff together more effectively 

Elly Yates-Roberts |

Collaboration is an incredibly important part of helping businesses to function at peak efficiency and bring teams together from anywhere, at any time.   

For many, however, virtual collaboration can create more challenges than it solves. For example, virtual tools do not always entirely replace face-to-face communications, which means that team members may not connect as well as in person. It can also prove more difficult to establish who has responsibility for which element of a project, and virtual teams may have a harder time maintaining focus. Employees may also feel more disconnected from other members of their team, which can inhibit productivity and potentially affect the well-being of individuals. 

Fortunately, tools like BlueJeans can help to eliminate these obstacles and bring teams together more effectively. We help team members connect directly, through a platform that allows them to come as close to face to face as possible. Virtual collaboration software options can help track the contributions of each team member and rate engagement in a highly effective way, making it easier to determine what each team member is bringing to the table and how it might be helping. 

BlueJeans is also designed to keep teams connected, even when they have to be apart. Not only can users improve their overall collaboration efforts through connected rooms that make conversations easy to join and simple to manage, but they can also bring team members together for virtual get-togethers, conference sessions and events to build that vital sense of connection.  

Mike Yeomans is the senior digital strategist for BlueJeans by Verizon 

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