Using Microsoft Teams as an ecosystem for business success

Using Microsoft Teams as an ecosystem for business success

Resonate puts the platform at the centre of operations to help organisations become more efficient 

Elly Yates-Roberts |

Your business has the opportunity to become much more efficient and productive by using Microsoft Teams as more than just a unified communications and collaboration (UCC) tool.  

By using Power Apps and Automations within the Microsoft Power Platform, you can start surfacing all your business-critical information within the Teams window. You can aggregate everything into the work environment, add bespoke applications on sidebars and bring in information from other systems. Think of it as a single pane of glass from which you can view your entire business operation. 

At Resonate, we believe that Teams can be a fully configurable and adaptable platform on which you can build the focal point of your entire day-to-day operations, bringing in data, information, reporting and communications from all the systems in your IT ecosystem.  

By doing this, you will increase employee productivity and engagement while making your business more efficient. Your people will no longer need to have 10 screens and programmes open because they can find everything they need in Teams. 

We take Teams and we layer voice on top as a key UCC tool. That’s only the start – we go further by adding in reporting, bespoke applications, process automation and data from other systems. 

We are experts in six primary verticals, and we develop solutions that will make the lives of end users easier and more rewarding. We do this by taking advantage of Microsoft’s native functionality in Power Platform, to build solutions tailored to specific job roles and industries. 

For example, in the energy sector, organisations can benefit greatly from putting Teams at the centre of collaboration and communication. A business in this sector can have a channel for a specific oil rig that’s using Power BI reporting. This uses Microsoft services to then bring info in from multiple systems that pertain to the operations of that rig: building and sharing dynamic alerts to highlight key issues to different vendors – support IT vendors, support engineers or whoever else works on that rig.  

It’s not uncommon to have 10 different IT vendors with different kit on a rig but none of them knows how to talk to each other. Using Teams to facilitate communication between everyone means that the customer is no longer the conduit for information, Teams is, which makes everything faster and more efficient.  

Mike Harvey is a product manager at Resonate 

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