Virgin Hyperloop One chooses HubStor for cloud data management

Virgin Hyperloop One chooses HubStor for cloud data management
Firm will use Microsoft Azure to accelerate time to market for the sustainable mode of transport

Elly Yates-Roberts |

American transportation technology firm Virgin Hyperloop One has chosen software-based cloud storage provider HubStor to provide cloud data management on Microsoft Azure. The technology will accelerate the time to market for a new, more sustainable mode of transport. 

Virgin Hyperloop One is the first company to successfully test hyperloop technology at scale. The technology comprises a train-like vehicle which operates in a near-vacuum and is powered by electromagnetic levitation. Virgin Hyperloop One is now working with governments, partners and investors worldwide to make hyperloop a reality in years rather than decades.

The new mode of transport will be faster, safer, cheaper and more sustainable than existing modes and as such requires Virgin to safeguard its information in a secure, agile and scalable environment. 

Hubstor will provide Virgin with data protection and management of its on-premises and cloud-based information, as well as streamlining backup, disaster recovery and archives. 

“We’re excited to support Virgin Hyperloop One on its mission to realise an important new form of transportation,” said Geoff Bourgeois, CEO at HubStor. “With HubStor, Virgin Hyperloop One has peace of mind that it has best-in-class data management, giving them vital agility and flexibility with information they’ll need to enter and evolve in an industry that is highly regulated.”

Hubstor will also allow Virgin to protect and recover software as a service-based data such as Microsoft Office 365, journal electronic messages and improve security, auditing and discovery. 

“After an exhaustive review of the market, we found HubStor to be the cloud data management platform that best aligned with our requirements,” said Dawn Armstrong, director of Information Technology at Virgin Hyperloop One. “HubStor’s robust data management gives us confidence that our data is protected and easy to manage.”

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