Vodafone drives 5G deployment with Taqtile and Microsoft Azure

Vodafone drives 5G deployment with Taqtile and Microsoft Azure
Taqtile’s augmented reality solution Manifest could transform aircraft safety

Elly Yates-Roberts |

Vodafone has driven the development and deployment of 5G networks in recent months through its own 5G standalone (5G SA) trial network. The company is using an augmented reality solution called Manifest from Taqtile to transform aircraft and drone safety. 

Manifest uses edge computing services available through Microsoft Azure. According to a recent Vodafone blog post, Vodafone used the tool to create a solution that could enable airline personnel to inspect a plane’s landing gear using their smartphones.  

Vodafone has also been trialling its 5G SA for use in drone operation. The company recently completed an urban drone flight beyond the visual line of sight, controlled by 5G. As a result of the successful flight, Vodafone demonstrated how the network can enable authorities to enforce no-fly zones in the sky, control drones remotely and live-stream footage that they capture and resolve potential path conflicts. 

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