Wendy’s chooses Cohesity for data back-up and recovery

Wendy’s chooses Cohesity for data back-up and recovery
Partnership has enabled the fast food restaurant to free up staff resources and reduce data

Elly Yates-Roberts |

American fast food restaurant parent group The Wendy’s Company is working with data management provider Cohesity to improve its data back-up and recovery operations.

Before turning to Cohesity, Wendy’s was coping with an on-premises data centre and colocation centre, which jointly managed around one petabyte of data. Its legacy back-up infrastructure was proving burdensome and complex for the IT team. After a primary storage failure, it took over a week to recover the data. Consequently, Wendy’s turned to data management provider Cohesity.

After a successful proof of concept, Wendy’s deployed Cohesity across its entire IT environment, including 1 petabyte of data, 850 Linux and Windows servers, and over 700 virtual machines (VMs). By doing so, the restaurant chain was able to reduce its back-up times from 12 hours to two as a result of deduplication and compression. Wendy’s has reduced the amount of data it stores to an eighteenth of the original amount, it can manage all back-up data from a single pane of glass and it has freed up staff resources.

Wendy’s is also now benefitting from Cohesity’s auto-protect features, with tight integration with VMware vSphere. When the IT team adds a new VM, it is automatically discovered and included under the same assigned protection policies.

“Cohesity is the future of backup and recovery in the enterprise,” said Don Murawski, manager of servers and storage at The Wendy’s Company. “We are pleased Cohesity lived up to our expectations and delivered a next generation backup and recovery solution for Wendy’s, ensuring the solution is scalable and set up for future growth as we expand more operations and test/dev to the cloud. Cohesity listens and responds to customers’ needs, made backup and recovery simple, and the benefits were so compelling the solution sold itself. Hands down, Cohesity delivers outstanding performance.”

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