What to expect from ARC European Industry Forum 2021

What to expect from ARC European Industry Forum 2021

Participants can hear from expert speakers from organisations including Pfizer and Arla Foods 

Elly Yates-Roberts |

Digitalisation is changing the industrial world in ways that we couldn’t imagine 10 years ago, and the place to keep up with the latest information is ARC’s European Industry Forum on 18-19 May.

Attendees at our online event can find out more about the latest technologies such as 5G private networks and OPC unified architecture, join sessions on real artificial intelligence applications, understand how machine builders can generate additional revenue streams with new digital services and learn how to measure the performance of their digital twins. 

The event will also give participants the opportunity to see if their cybersecurity initiatives are tough enough for the latest threats, to hear about the digital transformation experiences of industry peers, and to peek into the future of automation architectures. 

Executive speakers include Mette Marie Løkke, excellence manager of production optimisation at Arla Foods; Herbert Vander Elst, senior director of manufacturing and supply chain at GlaxoSmithKline; Till Potente, senior director of production and engineering at Phoenix Contact; Mike Tomasco, vice president of digital manufacturing at Pfizer; and Sarah Hayes, Change Stream lead at the National Digital Twin programme. 

Join our community of hundreds of industry peers at the ARC European Industry Forum, or email mbackus@arcweb.com with any questions you may have. 

Mario Backus is executive client manager at ARC Advisory Group

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