Why cloud migration is not as simple as it seems

Why cloud migration is not as simple as it seems
Trusted Data Solutions’ Marcella Arthur discusses new research from Osterman

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Legacy data management firm Trusted Data Solutions (TDS) has upended traditional ‘lift and shift’ thinking about the cloud, noting that while leading cloud infrastructure providers offer lower costs and greater efficiencies than on-premises solutions, not everything should be migrated to the cloud. This flies in the face of the recommendations from large cloud players and provides a calm voice of reason and expertise to those in charge of managing and migrating legacy data. The advice is part of a new report and whitepaper introduced today ‘Migrating to the Cloud? It’s Not as Simple as it Seems’, authored by Osterman Research and sponsored by TDS. 

The report dives into a question companies are increasingly asking as they consider migrating to the cloud: “Where do I begin?” It outlines key issues, addressing questions like what to migrate, how to migrate, when to migrate, etc. The report aims to educate readers and help them make better decisions when they migrate.

The report is a true eye-opener and must-read for anyone currently migrating or considering migrating to the cloud to store and support their data archives.  While we support companies undergoing digital transformation, it is critical that they understand the implications of data and archive migrations and seek support from industry analysts and expert migration partners. We are excited to partner with Osterman Research to share insights with those who might be facing the issue.

As a respected market research company, Osterman Research has conducted in-depth research on many topics, providing benchmarking information for decision makers and influencers in the technology sector.

One such issue in the report is the idea that ‘everything must go’ when it comes to data repositories. Michael Osterman, author of the report, noted industry authority, and president of Osterman Research notes quite the opposite:

“When organisations migrate key services to the cloud, particularly those associated with enormous data repositories like email or file stores, there is a mindset that everything needs to be migrated to the cloud. Many are of the opinion that migrating services to the cloud means moving all of their data to the cloud, and that doing so will be simple and painless,” says Osterman. “In most cases, they are wrong on both counts.” 

For example, when deciding to migrate Microsoft Exchange to Office 365, many believe that existing archives must also be migrated. According to Osterman, doing so would not only be expensive, difficult and expose the organisation to issues like losing chain-of-custody, it is also unnecessary because most of this data will never be accessed anyway. Moving it to the cloud will have virtually no upside and a significant amount of potential downside.

Marcella Arthur is the vice president for Worldwide Marketing & Channel Operations at Trusted Data Solutions

Download the full whitepaper. 

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