Why manufacturers should leverage IoT to dominate the market

Why manufacturers should leverage IoT to dominate the market
Ian Richter from Seebo says abundance of options can deter decision makers from adopting the tech

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For manufacturers, adopting new digital technologies can be a real challenge – one that requires significant planning, resources and time. Internet of things (IoT) connectivity offers such a wide range of advantages that the abundance of options can actually deter decision makers from jumping onboard with this technology.

Despite this, the implementation of IoT functionality is steadily making its way to the top of more and more to-do lists within the manufacturing sector. IoT hardware, software, platforms and services are all being improved constantly, helping manufacturers take on the task of IoT integration with more confidence than ever before.

Companies that have successfully introduced IoT technology into their manufacturing operations are experiencing a host of benefits from improved energy efficiency to the production of better quality products.

The advantages don’t stop there. As IoT offers a level of connectivity that we haven’t really experienced before, this opens up the potential for new channels of income. In fact, IoT can lead to the renewed evaluation of a company’s business plan, with the knowledge that this new connectivity, access to data and analysis capability, can completely reinvent how a company earns revenue.

Manufacturers need to make a conscious decision to be proactive about IoT and digitisation in general. These technologies have so much to offer that avoiding this opportunity, or even procrastinating for too long, could mean risking losing business to competitors, and even becoming completely irrelevant as a manufacturing entity.

In an attempt to shed some light on the specifics of what manufacturers have to gain with IoT connectivity, we’ve put together a white paper that clearly discusses the matter.

The Leveraging IoT in Manufacturing whitepaper offers insight on six of the main reasons why companies, factories or plants should consider the move to IoT sooner rather than later.

Ian Richter is a technology writer at Seebo

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