Why user adoption is more important than ever before

Why user adoption is more important than ever before
Organisations can use e-learning solutions to turn customers into evangelists 

Elly Yates-Roberts |

According to recent research from Research and Markets, the global e-learning market is expected to reach US$238 billion by 2024. Clearly, organisations are redoubling their efforts on workforce training when they take on business transformation projects. And for service providers, this is a trend to get onboard with and start building user adoption practices. 

E-learning covers many topic areas that employees may need to learn about, from first aid to compliance and safety measures. At ClickLearn, we focus on e-learning around IT. That market alone accounts for over 75% of the 2024 estimate. 

Microsoft is one of the many major vendors that is also putting more time and effort into customer success and user adoption. At the start of this fiscal year, the company released the User Adoption metric into its partner ecosystem. As such, partners’ performances will be measured on how well you adopt users onto the systems you deliver. 

Microsoft, along with other major vendors, is realising that having people master their solutions creates advocates and evangelists. As such, Microsoft partners now get an extra incentive: create loyal customers and receive hard currency. 

Turning customers into advocates and evangelists requires them to master your solution. However, this is more difficult in the global markets which are now available. 

Imagine you are a Germany-based enterprise. You have developed and certified a great product. A company in India and another in the US have downloaded your product. You must now support and onboard your first two customers who are located in different time zones and speak many languages. 

With an e-learning solution, organisations can easily provide employees with guides across multiple media formats and time zones, with the necessary translation capabilities to ensure customers fully adopt new solutions and follow the path from trialist to customer to advocate. 

Michael Randrup is the managing director at ClickLearn

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