Xyngular transforms data management with Dynamics 365 Business Central

Xyngular transforms data management with Dynamics 365 Business Central


JourneyTEAM helped the wellness company migrate from a legacy on-premises solution to streamline operations and better understand business processes

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Founded in 2009, Xyngular is a wellness company offering weight loss and supplement products designed to help people live a healthier lifestyle. The company recently experienced significant growth which has resulted in the need to streamline and automate several key processes. 

The rapid growth led to data being gathered quickly and stored in several disparate locations. This prevented users from swiftly and accurately analysing data to make decisions, appropriately scale, and access and use key tools. Xyngular was also housing all data and operations with legacy software Great Plains, which it (and its users) outgrew as it added more employees and processes. 

Xyngular needed a solution that could manage all data related to business, projections, processes and finances in a single location. JourneyTEAM helped the wellness company fulfil this need by migrating it to Dynamics 365 Business Central, Azure Active Directory, SharePoint and Power BI. 

The seamless connection between each of the Microsoft platforms enables Xyngular to automatically update information stored in each, providing users with always-accurate insights across the board. Now, as sales revenue increases, users have a far more effective method of tracking data and evaluating business processes and operations. 

By making the move to Business Central, Xyngular provides users with a modern, user-friendly platform. Users can view sales trends, manage supply chain data, monitor individual products, and more. The platform improved the company’s overall project management strategy and has enabled Xyngular to make data-driven decisions. 

With Power BI, Xyngular can connect to Business Central and easily gather and visualise important data insights. These can then be used to evaluate business performance and identify areas for improvement. Power BI stores data from multiple sources in a centralised location, enabling users to quickly and accurately generate reports (going from days, hours, or minutes) to gather, analyse and report key business metrics. Using both SharePoint and Microsoft 365 has enabled Xyngular to improve its identity and access management strategy, improve collaboration and communication, and simplify document management across its business teams. 

With the help of JourneyTEAM, Xyngular overcame limitations posed by its legacy software and created a secure, modern business management platform. Now, the wellness company enjoys streamlined operations, easy access to business data and applications, and a comprehensive view of business processes. 

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