Yealink is providing more engaging education experiences

Yealink is providing more engaging education experiences

Tulsa Tech deployed the firm’s Microsoft Teams devices to deliver more flexible teaching opportunities  

Elly Yates-Roberts |

For Tulsa Technology Center (Tulsa Tech) – a public independent school in Oklahoma, USA – the Covid-19 pandemic presented opportunities, as well as challenges.  

Tulsa Tech offers full-time and part-time training programmes for business and industry across six campuses, serving adults and secondary school-age students. 

After being forced to adapt to remote teaching strategies, the school decided to adopt a hybrid approach that would enable more flexible learning opportunities for its students and a choice between on-campus and online courses.   

Tulsa Tech wanted a simple but effective solution to deliver highly engaging experiences. Its campuses feature large classrooms and lecture theatres, so ordinary meeting room solutions can inhibit students’ view. The school also wanted to equip students on its remote learning courses with high-quality audio and video devices.  

Beyond improving the student experience, Tulsa Tech also wanted to implement solutions that would foster a more inclusive and collaborative culture among staff, particularly with individuals being spread across campuses and home offices. The education provider decided to deploy Yealink’s solutions in a range of different-sized rooms, from small meeting spaces to extra-large classrooms.  

The MVC940 Microsoft Teams Room System solution enables up to nine cameras to be used at the same time, each with individual controls. As such, the cameras can focus on the teacher, the podium and the rest of the classroom simultaneously, giving remote students better visibility and an experience similar to those who have attended in person.   

The solution is also designed to integrate with up to eight Yealink ceiling microphones, four soundbars and cameras which feature artificial intelligence, providing a powerful video and audio experience for teachers and students. 

Tulsa Tech also implemented Yealink’s MeetingBar A30, which comprises a camera, microphone and speakers in an all-in-one system. Since no further components are required, the system provides a quick and easy setup for dedicated, medium-sized rooms.  

“Implementing Yealink meeting room devices enabled us to engage with students who study remotely, to make them feel that they are connected to the classroom and connected to their teachers,” says Jason Durham, director of IT at Tulsa Tech.  

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