2014 Microsoft Partner of the Year Award winner: Webzavod

Webzavod has been named as Microsoft’s Collaboration and Content Partner of the Year Award Winner. Sergey Polyakov tells OnWindows more

Rebecca Gibson
Rebecca Gibson
By Rebecca Gibson on 27 June 2014
2014 Microsoft Partner of the Year Award winner: Webzavod

Russian company Webzavod has been recognised as Microsoft’s Collaboration and Content Partner of the Year Award Winner for its School of the Digital Age (SoDA) solution.

Developed as part of the CloudSchool project, the solution provides educational institutions in the Russian Federation with a unified collaboration platform for students, teachers and administrators. Webzavod’s solution is built on a number of Microsoft technologies and platforms including Office 365 with SharePoint, Exchange and Lync.

Using SoDA, students can use online channels, tablets and mobile devices to access class schedules, assignments and supplementary materials uploaded by teachers.  In addition, teachers can prepare lessons and upload audio or video to the cloud, while administrators can automate and standardise routine processes

OnWindows caught up with Sergey Polyakov, vice president of business development and co-owner of Webzavod, to find out what the accolade means to the company.

Tell us a little bit about your company and what you do.
Webzavod was established at the end of 1990s in the city Samara, which is well known as the centre of innovation for Russia’s aerospace and high-tech industries. Since inception, our team has specialised in designing and implementing complex web systems and in 2003, we aligned our technology strategy with Microsoft. Today most of our solutions are based on the Microsoft technology stack, enabling us to meet our customers’ needs in the most efficient way.

We were one of the first companies to seriously explore cloud-based technologies and as part of this strategy, we successfully implemented a multi-level administrative framework to enable telecommunications providers to manage a private cloud service for enterprises. In 2012, the solution earned the company a Microsoft Private and Hosted Cloud Partner of the Year Award nomination. Webzavod has also worked with UK partners to provide healthcare and educational solutions for government that have been promoted by Microsoft Europe as a part of the Brussels Microsoft Executive Briefing Center portfolio. In 2012, Webzavod entered the international market as part of Digital Alliance group aiming to partner with local businesses and this will remain our main focus for the future.

Congratulations on winning the award. What does this accolade mean to your company?
The Microsoft award recognises our successful collaboration with international partners and indicates that we’ve chosen the right direction for our company. Our SoDA solution was developed using a combination of our technological expertise, the experience of our international partners and knowledge of the local market. We are aiming to follow this approach and engage with new strategic partners to achieve commercial success in international markets. We hope that the award will increase the company’s profile, enabling us to increase our customer network and secure new projects.

What did you have to demonstrate to be a contender?
Webzavod developed a uniform platform for educational institutions, unifying various information services to create an integrated system for pupils, students and teachers using Microsoft SharePoint 2013, SharePoint Online, Exchange 2013, Exchange Online, Azure and Windows 8 devices. In addition to that, we can deploy hardware-software solutions to complete complicated and large-scale tasks involving various technological platforms in heterogeneous environments.

How do you help your customers to solve their business challenges?
To ensure we provide our customers with high-quality solutions, we apply the technologies – such as Microsoft Azure, Office 365, SharePoint Enterprise Search – to our own in-house business processes and test their effectiveness. If they prove to be efficient, we roll the solutions out to our customers.  

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