Mastering AP operations in the cloud

Mastering AP operations in the cloud


Andy Birkey of Metafile Information Systems discusses how cloud-based document management systems provide organisations with better opportunities for accessibility, collaboration, efficiency, security and sustainability

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Accounts payable (AP) processes can streamline financial operations via cloud-based document management systems. As a scalable solution for financial document handling, these systems offer a range of advantages across various operational facets. 

Cloud-based platforms store, manage and track electronic financial documents. Accessible remotely, these platforms support the handling of essential AP documentation, encouraging collaboration, which is critical for organisations operating within a global business environment. Cloud-based AP automation solutions like MetaViewer integrate with Microsoft Dynamics 365 enterprise resource planning solutions to make automating financial processes much more robust.  

In addition, cloud document management enables better collaboration and efficiency. It allows teams to access critical financial documents from any location, at any time, facilitating uninterrupted business workflows. This is particularly crucial now that distributed workplaces and work-from-home models are the new norm for many businesses. Plus, employers can be assured that everyone in their team is using the latest version of the solution.  

Furthermore, automated cloud document management transforms AP workflows, curtailing manual data entry, reducing the risk of human error, and expediting invoice processing. By automating order matching and invoicing procedures, businesses can also enhance cash flow management and free up staff for more strategic roles. This, combined with the reduction of paper-based processes, leads to significant cost savings.  

Cloud-based solutions also offer built-in security tools, making them suitable for various businesses, including those that must comply with the strictest of security requirements. Organisations can expect the cloud-based service to offer the highest level of security protocols and systems, far greater than those they could likely afford to install themselves. The inherent disaster recovery tools of cloud management systems protect against data loss, while automated backups across multiple secure locations ensure business continuity and document safety. 

Streamlining AP operations with cloud-based solutions also helps firms to move closer to their environmental goals. Cloud document management supports environmental sustainability by reducing reliance on paper, cutting down on waste and tree consumption. This aligns with eco-conscious corporations’ corporate social responsibility goals, highlighting their commitment to sustainable practices.  

Andy Birkey is marketing communications specialist at Metafile Information Systems. 

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