New features in Microsoft Priva solutions to enhance privacy programmes

New features in Microsoft Priva solutions to enhance privacy programmes


Automation features will help organisations to monitor regulatory compliance and ensure transparent data practices

Alice Chambers |

Microsoft has expanded its Priva family of products with automated capabilities to help organisations meet evolving privacy requirements for protecting personal data.

“Microsoft Priva solutions support privacy operations across entire data estates – paving quick and cost-effective paths to meet privacy regulations and avoid the risks of non-compliance,” said Herain Oberoi, general manager of data security, compliance and privacy at Microsoft, in a recent blog post. “With the Microsoft Priva family, organisations can automate the management, definition and tracking of privacy procedures at scale to ensure personal data stays private, secure and compliant with regulations.”

The automation capabilities are spread across the suite of products. For example, Microsoft Priva Privacy Assessments automates the discovery, documentation and evaluation of personal data across an entire data estate, and Privacy Risk Management handles risk mitigation. The Tracker Scanning solution is designed to automate the discovery and categorisation of tracking technologies, Consent Management features create customisable and regulatory-compliant consent models and businesses can use Subject Rights Requests to fulfil subject rights requests across on-premises, hybrid and multi-cloud environments.

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