Adoreboard develops technology to measure how people feel online

Rebecca Lambert
Rebecca Lambert
By Rebecca Lambert on 15 December 2014
Adoreboard develops technology to measure how people feel online

A team of data scientists and entrepreneurs based at Queen’s University, Belfast, has created a real-time metric for measuring how people express emotions on the internet.

Tech start-up Adoreboard claims it has devised an authoritative method to examine, assess and analyse online emotion to determine how specific corporate brands are rated by the public.

The gauge, dubbed the Adorescore, can quantify the performance of a brand in an index rating from minus 100 to 100, by monitoring online emotions expressed through thousands of sources from social networks as well media articles.

Chris Johnston (pictured right), founder of Adoreboard and previously an advisor to global brands like HP, believes the innovation presents a major opportunity to revolutionise how businesses can understand and improve customer relationships.

“Brands currently spend billions of dollars every year trying to influence how people feel,” he said. “Yet there is no single metric to understand the impact of this on consumers. Adoreboard aims to measure what really matters, the human factor of online emotions and in doing so aims to revolutionise how brands interact with customers.”

Already, some of the world’s leading brands are successfully using the new metric. A UK law firm is taking advantage of it to improve how it recruits trainees. Havas EHS, part of global communications group Havas Worldwide, has applied the metric to measure the emotional impact in the aftermath of new worldwide retail product launches.

Adoreboard’s CTO, Fergal Monaghan (pictured left), who previously led a business intelligence research team at SAP, said the technology automatically detects more than 20 different types of emotions. They include trust, admiration, rage and terror, which are then translated into a score which compared to other brands online.

“We are taking the emotional pulse of the online world in the same way people communicate in everyday life,” he explained. “Adorescore creates a simple way to communicate layers of complex data. We’ve built the Adorescore to automatically understand the authority, emotion and currency of what is being said so that the user is alerted to how the brand can be improved. This allows clients to understand and measure how they are perceived, but equally importantly to predict how they will be assessed in the future.”

Adoreboard is part of the Microsoft BizSpark Plus programme and runs its analytics via the Microsoft Azure platform. So far, Microsoft has given it US$60,000 of Azure server space to use via the programme.

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