Sight Machine introduces new manufacturing data solution for Microsoft Fabric

Sight Machine introduces new manufacturing data solution for Microsoft Fabric

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Solution will allow users to combine and analyse contextual data from different sources

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Sight Machine has introduced a new manufacturing data solution for integrating production data into Microsoft Fabric.

The solution will bring Sight Machine’s data and analytics tools such as Factory Copilot into Microsoft Fabric, allowing organisations to combine and analyse contextualised manufacturing data with financial, supply chain, enterprise resource planning and manufacturing execution systems data.

“Until now, industrial companies have been unable to incorporate their plant floor data as a first-class citizen in the enterprise data estate,” said Jon Sobel, CEO and co-founder of Sight Machine. “With Sight Machine on Microsoft Fabric, companies are able to use plant floor data just as easily and powerfully as they use other data: to optimise production globally, determine which equipment is best at fulfilling an order, know which lines are at highest risk of going down, see the current status of orders and determine when to re-route them to another facility. It has never been possible to do this in a truly data-driven way.”

In addition, Sight Machine’s Factory Transform component, which transforms factory data into artificial intelligence-ready models of the production process, is now available for other independent software vendors to use with their customers on Microsoft Cloud for Manufacturing.

“Manufacturing data solutions in Microsoft Fabric help industrial customers integrate their AI-ready Sight Machine data into their data estates more easily than ever before,” said Dominik Wee, corporate vice president of Manufacturing and Mobility at Microsoft. “Making contextualised production data available for enterprise-wide usage is a big step toward achieving the promise of smart manufacturing.”

Sight Machine is attending Hannover Messe 2024. For more news from the event, visit our dedicated landing page.

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