Beijing Middle School 105 connects devices with new intelligent system

Sean Dudley
Sean Dudley
By Sean Dudley on 19 November 2014
Beijing Middle School 105 connects devices with new intelligent system

Beijing Middle School 105 in Beijing, China, has created an integrated, interactive intelligent system that connects dozens of devices.

Combining existing IT resources with new tools to realise the potential of the internet of things (IoT), this innovative new classroom experience connects 50 digital whiteboards with classroom all-in-one televisions and 150 teacher tablets with a back-end system.

The new classroom experience aims to help improve student engagement, teacher organisation, and the presentation of learning materials, as well as being economically beneficial to the school thanks to reduced maintenance and equipment costs. 

“One of the most important aspects of education in China is test-taking, especially in middle schools such as ours,” said Yudong Gao, head of IT at Beijing Middle School 105. “The goal of the junior high is to prepare students for the entrance exams into high school. The teachers are concerned with achieving these goals in an effective and quick manner, while the students are concerned about classroom effectiveness and feedback. IT technologies enable teachers to save time and improve efficiency.”

Each classroom at Beijing Middle School 105 now contains a Linxee Smart Touch All-in-One PC running on the Microsoft Windows platform, a television monitor and tablets that the teachers use to control the system during classes. 

Whiteboards and TVs also run Windows in the classroom, and the schools seven servers operate on Windows Server. Teachers can also easily create PowerPoint presentations and present them on the TVs, as well live video feeds and other materials. 

Beijing Middle School 105 is now benefiting from a 98% reduction in downtime, and startup times are now 80% faster.

“In the past, if a teacher were to turn on the computer, he or she would probably need to turn it on five to six minutes prior to using it in order to get it ready,” said Yingzhi Wang, senior pre-sales engineer, research and development at IGRS. “Now it only takes one minute for it to start up.”

The TVs and Whiteboards use LED lighting, meaning less energy is used, and clearer and crisper visuals are a further benefit for students. 

“The system uses Windows, which is the same as the teachers use in the office,” said Gao. “There was some training, but it wasn’t intensive at all. Everyone got the hang of it right away.”

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